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For centuries, lighthouses have served to guide and help sailors in their journeys, since they are navigation aid systems which illuminates them in the darkness of the night. Guarding the coast, over the cliff, on an island or in the middle of the sea, lighthouses evoke this protection and guide in front of the immensity of the sea. That is the reason why I admire lighthouses.

Sometimes we need a light to guide our path, in which we might find people who stand as lighthouses and who accompany us in each journey. Some of these people pass through our lives momentarily, others accompany us for a certain time and others even go unnoticed through them. Anyway, just as lighthouses guide sailors on their way, I feel that every single person who came across my life gave me knowledge, love or experiences, which made me grow and did not let me get lost on my desire of achieving my dreams.

What I am sure of, is that people who come across our lives do not appear by accident, but for some reason .

- This project thinks of every single person who have passed through my life, and those who are yet to come, accompanying and guiding me to port . -

tlp_filippo.jpgLight on you


Filippo Fiumani (aka MANI) is an italian designer and artist, born in 1987 in Loreto, Italy.

He works as an illustrator, graphic designer and craftsman. He has a deep passion for illustrations, travels, music, skating, surfing and motorcycles.
He has travelled and surfed in many places from Australia, Thailand, Brazil, North Africa and many places around Europe. He started his experience as a graffiti writer back in 1999. After high school, where he was involved with skating and street art, after then he got into surfing that influenced him deeply. He completed his bachelor degree on industrial design in 2011 at the IUAV (University of Architecture of Venice) in San Marino (RSM) after that he got a Post Graduate Course on product design in 2013 at IADE, University of Lisbon (PORTUGAL). He is now surfing and working as a freelance in Lisbon, Portugal.

tlp_pablo.jpgWinter late session


He was born in Vigo in 1972, and after studying at the faculty of Biology, he discovered his passion for photography, doing projects on nature for SEO and ICONA. He started to work on some topics related to surf, publishing different works in national magazines such as TRES60 and SURFER RULE, with which I maintain my relation today.

Shortly after he joined the diary Faro de Vigo for several years as a graphic editor. During that time he collaborated with several local agencies and the international Bloomberg, although he never stopped photographing surfing scenes, my true passion. Nowadays he works with many specialized agencies, even more since he discovered aquatic photography, and his passion for it.

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Born in November 1978, grew up close to the beach at Nazare wich definitely sparked his passion for waves and salt water. Started bodyboarding at age of 17 and soon feels the need to register the beauty of what he was seeing while surfing. That's how photography enters his life, trying to eternalize his ocean fascination and the enigmatic beauty of waves.

Nowadays he shoots mostly at Nazare and the central coastal region of Portugal, but his biggest passion is to travel the world looking for perfect waves. He published for clients like Vert, Riptide, Carve, SUP Lovers, Correio da Manhã, Público, Frontline, Lux Woman, Cosmopolitan, Mens Health, Sport Life, Magicseaweed, SurfTotal, WSL Big Wave Awards, Onda Wetsuits, Pukas, Agent Eighteen e Deeply.

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tlp_carlos.jpgLighthouse T-Diary


T-Diary is the brand hidden under the designer and illustrator Carlos Toledo. Based in Barcelona, he designs every morning a graphic sketch which it´s shared to the social media at the same hour, a formula that has given him huge success on the internet, achieving thousands of followers, it has also resulted in interesting commercial and artistic projects such art exhibitions.

Since quite young, he was always taking any time off to illustrate everyday situations, a graphic scene full of humor and surrealism, line drawings in a single ink in which any public without rank or sex, age or social status can be seen represented; definitely, popular beliefs illustrated in a simple and fun way.

Now he not only expresses his work on digital media, but T-Diary illustrates from customized sheets to restaurant walls, and why not tattoos that leave a legacy of his work in the skin of his followers.

IG @t_diary

tlp_lucas.jpgBehind the lens


Lucas Tozzi is a photographer, filmmaker and grafic design based in Tarifa, Cádiz, where is specialized in Fashion and Acuatic Sports.

¨ Where I enjoy most about photography it is in any kind of water activity. I could not live or exist without being closed to the sea , the smell of saltpeter , the breeze, get into the water flowing with all that energy feeling part of the planet.

. It must be my condition of fish or being prematurly born, still trying to compensate for the stolen time from the element liquid ¨.

IG @lucastozzi

tlp_sergio.jpgEl tostón


Sergio Villalba is a Canary Islands based photographer, adventurer and surfer. Defined as a passionate about blending travel and sports as part of the same story, and thus connecting companies to their audience. Traveling across the planet has shaped his distinctive style of shooting, which is a reflection of the way he lives.

His work highlights the ability at catching moments from quirky angles, imbuing his fine art sensibilities in his commercial and editorial work.

I love the ocean above all things and swimming in the ocean on a daily basis is a need, I find it the absolute cure for anything .¨ His stock photography is represented by Aurora photos, my fine art work by Bali Green agency, and my editorial work by TheWideangle.

IG @sergiovillalbastudio


Carmen Álvarez


BORN IN: Seville, 17th of March, 1988 | Lives in: Vila do Bispo, Algarve, Portugal
THE MEANING OF SURF TO YOU: something I cannot live without to be happy.
SURF STYLE: The one you can tell that comes from the inside, disinhibits from any kind of worry and makes me enjoy every single second I spend on water.
AN IDOL: Bethany Hamilton
DREAM SURFARI: It’s difficult to choose a single spot, since I would like to visit many place all along the oceans, always in good company.
MUSIC: Depends on the moment, but a special song for me is ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’.
FOOD & DRINK: Ensaladilla (with prawns, if possible) and Sushi, and an ice-cold beer with olives.
BOOK: El Alquimista
FILM: My name is Khan, and any animation film.
YOU ATE: Falsehood and resentment.
YOU LOVE: The joy and innocence of children and adults who do not lose it.
ONE DESIRE: Smiling every day.
ONE ILLUSION: Feeling fulfilled doing what I like and enjoying life to the fullest.
A PERFECT DAY: Every day can be perfect if it includes health, friends and surf.
LIFESTYLE: That which makes me happy. If you wish something with passion the universe conspires to make it come true.

Jochen Ghysels


BORN IN: Bélgica, 13-04-81
THE MEANING OF SURF TO YOU: Connecting with nature and myself..
SURFING SINCE: I was 13 years old
UN ÍDOLO: The person a could be
MUSIC: Regeea
FOOD & DRINK: Veggie and water ; )
BOOK: The Alchemist
FILM: Point Break
YOU HATE: Bananas
YOU LOVE: Nature
ONE DESIRE: Reach a peaceful life
LIFESTYLE: Any activity in the nature.
A QUAOTE: “It is never too late”



BORN IN: Portugal, Lisbon
LIVE IN: Algarve, Raposeira.
DATE: 16/10/1987
SURF SIGNIFICATION IN YOUR LIFE: More than a sport, it's my lifestyle.
SPONSORS: SW Sufrshop; EMEBEME; ORG SurbBoards.
SURFING FROM: Since 2001
SURF STYLE: Radical Surf
FAVOURITE SPOT: Amado, Carrapateira, Algarve
AN IDOL: Andy Irons
DREAM SURFARI: Maldivas with my bestfriends.
ONE VIDEO: Campaign II
MUSIC: Paolo Nutini - Scream
FOOD: Lamb Chops
DRINK: Lemonade with Ice
BOOK: "The Celestine Prophecy" from James Redfield
FILM: "American Snipper"
YOU ATE: Crowd
YOU LOVE: My girl and my family
ACTOR: Johny Deep
ONE DESIRE: Surf until 90 years old.
ONE ILLUSION: Be inmortal
A PERFECT DAY: Wake up next to my girlfriend in a heavenly spot, eat a wonderful breakfast and surf all day.
LIFESTYLE: Eat, Sleep, Surf and Repeat.
A QUOTE: “No pain, no gain. Never stand down, made our own way”

Borja V


Dj/Producer &Label Manager born in Cádiz and living in Vejer; after his stays in England, Morocco and France; he inhales the tendencies of every place and emerges them in the form of musical creation, both in his sessions and in his productions. Lover of House with the attention centered in Groove, touching the styles that go from Soulful, passing through the purest Deep, to the most powerful Tech-House. Permanent DJ in the prestigious OHJU CLUB (Vejer Costa - El Palmar) since 2000. He has shared cabin with the most recognized DJs in the national and international scene at events suchas parties held by Marlbolo, Red Bull, Burn, SuperMartxé, Matinée, Heineken, Creamfields… Taking the leap to Ibiza, along with Steve Lawler ... at the closing party of La Diosa (Go, go, gone), He has also worked in the Red Bull Home Groove, in Paris, Dublin, England and a great many others, where he showed his music with the widest acceptance. Currently in his best professional moment, he combines his sessions with the productions and remixesworlwide: Colombia, Mexico, Miami, Ibiza ... and his brands which he co-owns with Andy Spinelli: 24 BeatsRecordings & PeanutMusik.



Adrián Torres was born in 1982 in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).
He remembers that he used to draw as a child all the time, comics mostly.
His first contact with painting took place at the beginning of his studies of Fine Arts in Sevilla.
After he finished his studies in Barcelona (2005) he moved to the United States and begun painting at Ron Tomlinson’s Studio in Fort Worth (Texas) for over two years.
After returning to Cádiz (Spain) he established his studio in Conil de la Frontera.
Torres has exhibited his artwork in the United States, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Russia, Philippines, Malaysia…
Founder of ‘Riding Colors’, a worldwide tour with artistic voluntary stints in multiple NGOs, creating murals and teaching art & education of color & joy to children in need.